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The young contemporary unisex line designed in sunny L.A. has embodied the effortless yet edgy ethos of California. From our signature oversized garment dyed t shirts to our cute and sassy crop tops, BLT is the ultimate line for the stylish set. So go on girl, because it's shop o'clock somewhere. Style that's always evolving. Just like you. Today, BLT continues to develop its lifestyle brand with sophisticated Ready-to-Wear.

Many people as where we came up with our unforgettable name: Bacon Lettuce Tomato.

What comes up in your head when you hear “BLT”?

Probably the sandwich. It's undoubtedly one of the most famous and timeless classic sandwiches. While there are certainly more extravagant sandwiches out there, some adorned with gold or others featuring some exotic ingredients like truffles, the world of sandwiches is full of endless possibilities and unexpected combinations. However, the beauty of a BLT lies in its simplicity. Made with easily accessible ingredients like bacon, lettuce and tomato, it's a sandwich that never fails to satisfy. We consider our graphic t-shirts to be BLT. It is highly likely that everybody has graphic T shirts in their closet. While they may not exude the same grandeur as extravagant dresses, graphic t-shirts hold an irreplaceable role as essential fashion items that cannot be disregarded in any well-curated wardrobe. While there may be countless fashion choices that are more exotic than graphic T shirts, we aspire for our brand to offer comfortable clothing that people can effortlessly wear without any hesitation yet satisfying your fashion hunger like BLT. Our clothing may not have the extravagance of truffles, but we always have savories of bacon, crispness of lettuce and freshness of tomatoes.